RoofSpec is an independent roofing consulting firm. We specialize in providing consulting services for roof and basement waterproofing projects, in new or existing constructions.

Roofs and basements are complex assemblies that require experience and skills in order to manage them. We have been active in the waterproofing industry for many years now and during this time we have undertaken and delivered only successful projects.

High competition among the roofing product manufacturers is forcing them in constantly developing new systems and solutions in order to differentiate and acquire a bigger market share than their competitors. Although these are good news for the construction industry, it also requires for roofing professionals to be always updated and trained in those new products/systems.

Highest level of expertise and the fact that we are always being updated in those application fields can ensure any owner that having us on his side will earn him peace of mind. 

RoofSpec is not a supplier nor an applicator of products. We are absolutely not affiliated with any of the product manufacturers, distributors or applicators.